Dreams, obsessions and time travel

According to his definition, a premonition is a prediction of the future. Dreams are often premonitions of the subconscious mind. But what is the scientific basis for anxiety? Seeing the future before it happens in your current reality is time travel. Einstein’s well-accepted relativity physics states that time travel is possible, when one object travels faster than another, especially when one object approaches the speed of light, relative to the other.

The Earth and all of its inhabitants travel at speeds close to the speed of light relative to a number of other objects in the universe. So let’s explore the double paradox theory of time travel and its relationship to dreams and expectations. Einstein concluded that if twins were born on Earth, and one of them boarded a spaceship, traveled a round trip close to the speed of light relative to his twin and returned to Earth, his twin would have died long ago. Scientists examining subatomic particles confirm the realistic nature of the double paradox again and again as they accelerate particles in large accelerators such as CERN.

Based on this assumption, it is not an exaggeration to conclude that a twin who returns to Earth after his travels can examine history books or the diaries of his deceased twin and see the entire life in an instant, compared to a short year. Or two who passed on his own journey.

If you understand the nature of the vibrations in the body, especially for the eastern chakras, you will begin to understand the nature of time travel in your body. When your soul resonates with the seventh and eighth chakras, you are removed from the shackles of your earth vessel and can travel near the speed of light, relative to your partner lying in bed next to you. This is what allows you, in a dream or meditation state, to see the future before it happens.

Think for a moment that you are a photon of light traveling from the sun. According to Einstein’s equations, you travel at the speed of light, until you see the entire history of the universe, from beginning to end, in a single moment. This means that the time that the universe passes from the moment of the Big Bang until now, about 14 billion years, can be seen by light, from beginning to end, in an instant. The cosmic background radiation can be seen as a premonition of the future of the universe.

Because of the unique properties of the physics of relativity, it doesn’t take a leap of understanding to conclude that even though the twin who traveled away from Earth is only a year or two older, much more time has passed for his long-deceased twin, who returned to Earth to witness a “future.” his twin.

Everything in the universe is traveling at close to the speed of light, relative to everything else in the universe. So it is easy to conclude that our future has already happened, to another observer in the universe, and our dreams and premonitions are simply the electromagnetic signature of that visible future.

When we dream, meditate, or break free from the bondage of our physical vessel, we are traveling through time. Then we have the ability to view the past and the future, all in an instant. We become like God who is the light of the universe. In the same way, we can consciously shape our future because there are infinitely many futures for all of us. Knowing what we want in our lives, especially in terms of contributing to the higher vibration of humanity, allows us to shape and mold our future, just as an artist shapes a piece of art.

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