Raymond McNair rejects God's government

I preface my comments by giving credit where credit is due, and by showing great love and appreciation to Raymond F. A work that completes the Great Commission during the reign of the Messenger of God, Herbert W. Armstrong, serving thousands of brothers over the years. I want this on record because he is old and deserving of Biblical respect, while I respectfully and strongly disagree with him in the Holy Calendar, as a Brother in the Lord.

I am very happy to see Raymond McNair admitting that Jews have God-given authority to include postponements in the Holy Calendar. Some members of the Church of God reject this obvious truth and go off the deep end, creating their own calendars in the confusion of spiritual chaos, and a false Laodicean position that everyone decides for themselves.

I am saddened to see Raymond McNair supposing that the Sadducee Church of God should submit to it in these matters, rather than to the Pharisees whom Christ so clearly supported in these biblical issues of the Holy Calendar.

Quotes from Raymond F. McNair’s article, “What Are ‘Jobs’?” –

Modern Jews do not celebrate Pentecost (Shavuot) on Sunday. Instead, they note it in Sivan 6. But the New Testament Church of God (like the Sadducees) followed the biblical command to celebrate Pentecost by counting 50 days from Sunday (“the morrow after the Sabbath”) occurring during the Feast of Unleavened Bread. This means that when Pentecost is calculated correctly, it always falls on a Sunday – creating tandem Sabbaths.

Furthermore, there are no biblical or historical sources indicating that Christ and his apostles had any calendar dispute with the Jews (the Sadducees then controlled the calendar and temple rituals until shortly before the fall of Jerusalem in AD 70!) the calendar they were using at the times new era.

What a blatant shame it is for Raymond McNair to refuse to submit to God’s government and hear the voice of a pastor who clearly states that the Pharisees sit in the seat of Moses – not the blind Sadducees whom some members of the Church continue to blindly follow. Lord has repair This fact is for his church, and some repented of their false church traditions, and chose to return to the right path like the first church that followed the correct accounts of the church. pharisees, Like the Apostle Paul.

for Zion

David Ben Ariel

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